We have started a campaign in INDIEGOGO to add colors for the Elephant Steady.

Hi. This is Seike of Adplus.
I am the designer of the Elephant Steady.
We are thrilled to announce that we have officially launched a new campaign in INDIEGOGO.
Elephant Steady is a stabilizer for iPhone which were able to raise $80,000 in Kickstarter and Campfire.
Currently the Elephant Steady is only available in black color. Black is an ideal color for photographing equipment but there should be more colors available for this product to let users enjoy taking movies.
In Kickstarter, we had set a stretch goal of adding colors if we reach $100,000. But we could not meet the goal. We want to raise the rest $20,000 in INDIEGOGO and accomplish the stretch goal of adding more colors.
Please help us bring the Elephant Steady to iPhone users all over the world.

Best Regards,
Project Leader HIDEAKI SEIKE.

For more information, please see the website below.

INDIEGOGO Project page