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We are working on developing the “Elephant Steady.” At the same time, we are facing difficulties and solving each problem every day. However, we believe that the photographing world would be much more wonderful if we succeed in offering the stabilizer with high function at a low price.
Developing the “Elephant Steady” will involve costs. This project wouldn’t be possible without the help of your pledge on Kickstarter. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Aplus co,ltd. “Elephant Steady” developing team.

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Project Report

We have started a campaign in INDIEGOGO to add colors for the Elephant Steady.


We are thrilled to announce that we have officially launched a new campaign in INDIEGOGO.
Elephant Steady is a stabilizer for iPhone which were able to raise $80,000 in Kickstarter and Campfire.
Currently the Elephant Steady is only available in black color. Black is an ideal color for photographing equipment but there should be more colors available for this product to let users enjoy taking movies.

Ready for “ZOOM iQ5 / iQ6 / iQ7”


We have developed the iOS app to make it work with “ZOOM iQ6 / iQ7”

Thank you and please help us!


We are thrilled to announce that the pledge for our project has hit $40,000 today!
There are $10,000 more to go.

Vote for your favorite color on Facebook for the rewards.


Once the pledge hits $100,000, five different colors will be available. Please select your favorite color and like the elephant steady. You will be able to choose your most favorite color from the six colors above when you get your reward.

About the shipping cost


Not only Japan but also backers from the US are now free of shipping cost.

FAQ updated!


We have updated the FAQ. Please check!

Additional Information


Additional explanations along with images are updated in the “From backers’ opinions” corner.

New content.


We’ve added a content, “From backers’ opinion”
Below are the explanations added.

About the FAQs.


According to the questions from backers, we have updated our FAQs.

Please confirm!

After our second day, we’ve received over $10,000 fund on Kickstarter!!


Our goal of bringing the Elephant Steady to iPhone users all over the world has become more realistic.
We very appreciate your help.Thank you!

We have officially launched our Kickstarter project!


“Elephant Steady” is a stabilizer which is compact-sized compared to the general ones with reasonable price.
We will do our best to complete this project.

We are currently preparing for starting the project on Kickstarter


We are currently preparing for starting the project on Kickstarter

Website for Elephant Steady has opened


The website for Elephant Steady has opened. We will introduce you innovation and fascination of the Elephant Steady there.We will do our best to succeed in the crowd funding.

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