The world’s smallest stabilizer using your iPhone as its brain

Elephant Steady
Elephant Steady is the world’s smallest stabilizer grip for iPhone which enables you taking movies without camera shake.  By installing this grip, you will be able to take movies with high quality.
By loading the small high performance motor and using the application to control it, we were able to get rid of the logic board. This enabled us to come up with the beautiful unprecedented design.

Your iPhone detects it’s inclination and fixes the camera shake immediately. With this elephant steady, you can take movies without shakes as if you were using a costly device.

You can use it easily anytime anywhere.

Elephant Steady
Elephant Steady is very compact that it could fit into your pocket. Once you set your iPhone and plug in the headphone jack, it’s ready to be used!

Features of Elephant Steady


Stabilizer using iPhone functions

By using the gyro sensor built in your iPhone, the app controls the grip’s motor.
Appreciate with this simple structure, we could accomplish the goal of keeping it in a low price and high reliability operation.


World’s smallest motor stabilizer

With this new structure, we were able to make the size compact compared to the general motor stabilizers. As a result, elephant steady is both successful at portability and excellent functionality.

Camera App Exclusive for Elephant Steady

Elephant Cam
Elephant cam is available for free. You can control the motor and take your movie using this app. In addition, we are planning to add more functions in the future.

Other features


Compatible with iPhone6

There is an adjuster function on the grip which makes is possible for many types of iPhones to be used. It is also compatible with iPhone6.


Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery is built in the grip part. You can use it long time with one time charging.


Tilt-control button

By pushing the tilt-control button, you can adjust your iPhone’s tilt when shooting a movie.

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Size and External Buttons

Elephant Steady

Spec Sheet

  • iPhone models : iPhone4S , 5 , 5s, 5c , 6 , ipod touch 5th generation
  • OS Version : iOS7 or later
  • Recharge Time : 1 hours
  • Height : 150 mm
  • Width : 49.5 mm
  • Depth : 50.5 mm
  • Tilt Angle : 90°
  • Roll Angle : 90°
  • Material : Polycarbonate
  • Estimated Price : $99(USD)

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